with fall, comes change

Fall is the season of change: leaves turn vibrant hues of orange, red and gold, our fields are harvested and put to rest, weather changes and we can sense the winter as it rolls in. For a farmer, the fall season is bittersweet. There is joy in fresh produce and dirt beneath our nails, but both indicate a long season of hard work and long days. With fall, comes a time for rest and rejuvenation. Our harvesting wanes, and we are able to reinvest our energy in other parts of our lives. 


This fall, there are big changes on my horizon. While I have spent the past four years residing in Omaha and farming at Big Muddy Urban Farm, I will lift my roots and move across the river, to Crescent, Iowa to live and farm a 13 acre, certified organic farm. Together, with my partner Scott and my kitty Mr. Nilsson, we will cultivate 3 acres in organic veggies, help maintain the small orchard, and explore new ways of farming on a (relatively) larger farm! I could not be more thrilled! 

Living in Iowa and planning for a new farming season opens so many opportunities. Not only will I have the chance to improve my farming skills, we'll be surrounded by other farmers of many trades who I will be able to learn from and collaborate with (goat-milk caramels... a strong possibility!). And we are one step closer to a future as a self-sufficient, sustainable farmers!

What this means for Snowshoe Candy Co: 
-- We will have the capacity to grow a lot of our own ingredients for next season! Popcorn, marshmallow root, SO many herbs, cantaloupe, berries, the possibilities are nearly endless!
-- We will be moving in the month of October, so to save our sanity and bring you tasty treats that are filled with joy, rather than stress, we will begin production in November (aside from a few wholesale orders -- more on that soon!) and make sure you have treats for Thanksgiving and all of our winter holidays! 

As a small business, run by one, I thank you for your patience, support and patronage. It is such a joy to work year-round, be it farming or candy-making, creating something good from something small, and then sharing it with REAL people, who love and care about many of the same things that I do. Together, we are making our little corner of the world a little bit better and a little bit more flavorful!

With sweet regards,

Ali Clark
candy maker + crafter
snowshoe candy co.

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