humble beginnings

A bit about Snowshoe Candy Co.

Snowshoe Candy Co. is a creative exploration of caramels, candies and other things to make winter warmer. Having grown up in Southeastern Wisconsin, I am quite familiar with cold and snow-covered winter days that slip into nights. My Poppa, master of caramel making in the Clark family, has been making his special recipe for many years. I have fond memories of tasty, sweet caramels melting in my mouth and warming my soul through the winter months at home. While visiting my Mema and Poppa at their home for Thanksgiving one year, my Poppa shared his sacred recipe with me and taught me the craft of caramel making. I have been making them since, but only once the weather cools, the leaves change and drop, and until the first signs of spring. The seasonal significance of caramels is important to me; making them in the spring and summer months would surely not yield as satisfying of a treat! 

While caramels were my first candy-making loves, I also enjoy making other sweet treats and crafted items that warm up our bellies and our homes. Stay tuned for more of these adventures. 

So strap on some snowshoes, go for a hike in the snowy woods and pack some caramels in your pockets for a sweet treat to warm you up on your adventure!